About Me

Hi, my name is Andrew Adhi Ariane Murniadi and I am a Professional Architect, Software Designer and Lead Developer. I have years of experiences in all sort of domains and programming languages. My expertise includes C/C++, Java, C#, ASP.Net and .Net Framework as a whole. During the course of my professional experience I have experienced with embedded devices, web portals, real time systems, SOA, web services, and financial systems. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer for Windows, Web and Enterprise Application. Currently, I’m working on analytical data and visualization for quant research in a major financial institution in Japan.

I have very strong interest in IT technology and advancements especially in the web world. SOA and Web Services made a strong entry for enterprise level, while AJAX continues on making individual users awed everyday. Other interesting part is integration. How commercial company can integrate their systems between each other to deliver a powerful service to the users. And because of this reasons and the advancements that was and still being made, I have strong interest in .Net Framework. I believe Microsoft is delivering a very strong platform for developing these kind of software and even in the cloud itself (Azure Service Platform).

My lates venture has brought me to the Windows Phone 7 platform, and I’m enjoying every bit of the development on it.


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