Missing some boost regex library

I had several problems building boost regex back at the office. So, I thought I wouldn’t have the same problem back at home. I donwload, extract and do a bjam build, exactly as what prescribed. It turns out that I had exactly the same problem I had at the office. I kept on missing some of the library (something ..mt..sgd) on first build (and subsequent, if you only use b2.exe). A search on the internet result on a method that may give more complete result:

bjam --toolset=msvc --build-type=complete --with-regex stage

That solved the problem. At home, and at the office. 🙂


Scott Hanselman’ss Ultimate Developer Tools List 2009


IE8 Safest Browser !?


I wonder what kind of reaction will come from other browser vendors? Biased because sponsored by Microsoft? Too cheesy,…

Microsoft Office Labs Envisioning Videos

A post in Channel 9 introduces me with this series of Microsoft Office Lab Envisioning videos. The videos itself reprsents Microsoft visions on Computer Technology in the future based on technology being developed right now. Hardware Advances and Enabling Software that collaborates and enables people to be connected anywhere and anytime are the key points for those technology to work.

Here’s the link to the Microsoft Office Labs Envisioning Videos:


Here’s a link to a blog that post the full video of ‘a glimpse ahead:


UPDATED: Here’s the full video in youtube:


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