Why Functional Programming Matters

This is a paper by John Hughes.

The paper argues that functional programming provides two important features that incredibly useful:

  • High-order functions
  • Lazy execution

I agree all the way, and having experienced and heavily influenced myself with the way functional programming strucutred and modulirazed codes, I do agree that people need to look into functional programming and realize how it can be very helpful to them.

Why Functional Programming Matters


Security by obscurity

about 5 years ago, i was talking with my older brother and recall this phrase. by chance i found it again and putting it here so that i wont forget.


printf ( “Hello World” );


As customary in the C, C++, C#, Java, and almost all other general programming language, it is almost an obligatory to write this code as your first program. And so here I am, trying to write my first technical blog. I hope it will be enjoyable to you as it is for me.