Microsoft Office Labs Envisioning Videos

A post in Channel 9 introduces me with this series of Microsoft Office Lab Envisioning videos. The videos itself reprsents Microsoft visions on Computer Technology in the future based on technology being developed right now. Hardware Advances and Enabling Software that collaborates and enables people to be connected anywhere and anytime are the key points for those technology to work.

Here’s the link to the Microsoft Office Labs Envisioning Videos:

Here’s a link to a blog that post the full video of ‘a glimpse ahead:

UPDATED: Here’s the full video in youtube:

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ASP.Net Control and Page Lifecycle

Some links for ASP.Net Page and Control Life Cycle:

Control Execution Lifecycle

ASP.Net Page Lifecycle

The quest for a questionaire web control

Lately, I was struck by a new interesting idea of building a .Net Project. This actually comes from a discussion with my Manager about what to do at the end of the project that we are currently working on. He talked about wanting to make a questionaire or a survey for the post-mortem. He then told me about how he will have someone make simple questionaire with his predefined set of questions and hosted it in one of our internal servers. The service will be much a cgi based. But what goes inside my head was different. Instead of a static questionaire, I thought I wanted to make a dynamic questionaire. In addition to that, I want to componantized this questionaire so that people who will use it just need to drop the control, set up their data and feed it to the questionaire control. Pretty simple heh, boy how I was wrong… But lets just get to what I have done and found out today. Read the rest of this entry »

printf ( “Hello World” );


As customary in the C, C++, C#, Java, and almost all other general programming language, it is almost an obligatory to write this code as your first program. And so here I am, trying to write my first technical blog. I hope it will be enjoyable to you as it is for me.